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Call for Papers

`Atiqot 113

The Archaeology of Purity and Impurity

This Call for Papers is the fourth for the new format of ‘Atiqot. As of March 2023, ‘Atiqot will become a thematic journal, publishing volumes dedicated to specific topics related to the archaeology of Israel from the protohistoric to Ottoman periods. The topics will be chosen by the journal’s Editorial Board based on excavation reports from the IAA database, which will be complemented by articles on special artifacts and research articles. IAA employees and researchers from outside the organization can respond to the Call for Papers and submit articles on selected artifacts and research articles. The articles will be double-blind peer-reviewed and upon approval, will be edited for language in the IAA Publications Department. The journal will be published in English only, both online (Open Access) and in print.''

The Editorial Board of ‘Atiqot will consider only original, unpublished articles, which were not submitted for publication elsewhere.

`Atiqot 113 will focus on The Archaeology of Purity and Impurity. The distinction between clean and unclean is a common phenomenon in human societies, with different groups developing different means of separation between these two realms. These are usually rendered in textual sources, providing insights into religious thought and practices associated with purity and impurity. Archaeological research may aid in our understanding how ancient societies coped with the implications of impurity in daily life, how impurity was contained, and what rituals were practiced to transform the impure to pure. Issues connected to this topic will greatly contribute to our understanding of religious and social histories of societies. 

This volume will include final reports of excavations where archaeological finds relating to social practices of purification and observance of purity were unearthed; articles presenting artifacts or installations that are related to practices of purification; and research articles relating to the rituals and reasoning behind the observance of purity. 

Papers should be prepared according to `Atiqot guidelines. Please submit your article by email by using this Google Form. Articles will be accepted until May 1, 2023. Authors will be notified of acceptance via email within a maximum of three months. 

For more information concerning the journal requirements or any other questions, please contact the Editorial Board:

Reminder: We are still accepting papers for `Atiqot 112: Ancient Hoards, Treasures, Caches and Deposits. The deadline for submission has been extended to April 1, 2023. 

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