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‘Atiqot 97 (2019) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 97
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Middle Bronze Age Burial Pits in Ashqelon (pp. 1–83)
    Lilly Gershuny
    Keywords: Southern Levant, coastal plain, cemetery, jar burials, offerings, burial customs, Cypriot White Painted V amphora, anthropology, petrography, Egypt, southern Canaan, population, mollusks, flint
    • An Omega-Type Scarab from Middle Bronze Age Burial Pit 204 in Ashqelon (pp. 85–87)
      Daphna Ben-Tor
      Keywords: Southern Levant, coastal plain, cemetery, glyptics, Omega Group, chronology, geography, Egypt, Canaan
    • Petrographic Analysis of Middle Bronze Age II Vessels from the Burial Pits in Ashqelon (pp. 89–96)
      Anat Cohen-Weinberger
      Keywords: petrography, coastal plain, geography, geology, manufacture, raw materials
    • Anthropological Remains from the Middle Bronze Age Burial Pits in Ashqelon (pp. 97–99)
      Yossi Nagar and Lilly Gershuny
      Keywords: coastal plain, cemetery, anthropology, human bones, burial practices, population
  • Remains from the Mamluk Period in the al-Waṭṭa Quarter, Safed (Ẓefat) (with a contribution by Oded Katz) (Hebrew, pp. 1*–95*; English summary, pp. 271–275)
    Edna Dalali-Amos and Nimrod Getzov
    Keywords: Galilee, historical sources, Black Death, numismatics, economy, imports, animal bones
    • A Mamluk-Period Glass Assemblage from the al-Waṭṭa Quarter, Safed (Ẓefat) (pp. 101–153)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: Galilee, typology, trade, Syria, production centers, Egypt
    • The Coins from the al-Waṭṭa Quarter, Safed (Ẓefat) (pp. 155–223)
      Robert Kool and Ariel Berman
      Keywords: Galilee, numismatics, economy, trade, Syria, Egypt, Bilad al-Sham, Venetian merchants, Western Europe
    • Petrographic Examination of Selected Pottery Vessels from the al-Waṭṭa Quarter, Safed (Ẓefat) (pp. 225–233)
      Anastasia Shapiro
      Keywords: Galilee, petrography, geology, pottery workshops
    • The Faunal Remains from the Mamluk-Period al-Waṭṭa Quarter, Safed (Ẓefat) (pp. 235–270)
      Guy Bar-Oz and Noa Raban-Gerstel
      Keywords: Galilee, animal bones, wild animals, butchery marks, burning, mortality profile, population, economy