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‘Atiqot 68 (2011) ISBN 2948-040X

  • Temple Furniture from a Favissa at ‘En Hazeva (pp. 107–175)
    Sara Ben-Arieh
    Keywords: religion, Judea, Edom, art, epigraphy, cult
    • The Cultic Assemblage from ‘En Hazeva: The Restoration Process (pp. 177–183)
      Michal Ben-Gal
      Keywords: pottery, cult, technology
    • Provenance of the Clay Artifacts from the Favissa at ‘En Hazeva (pp. 185–189)
      Anat Cohen-Weinberger
      Keywords: petrography, geology, production center
    • The Inscription from ‘En Hazeva (p. 191)
      Joseph Naveh
      Keywords: epigraphy, Edom, Moab, Hebrew, language
    ‘Atiqot 69 (2012) ISBN 2948-040X

    • The Early Bronze Age IV Site at Sha‘ar Ha-Golan (with a contribution by Steven A. Rosen)  (pp. 1–73)
      Emanuel Eisenberg
      Keywords: Neolithic period, Intermediate Bronze Age, non-urban planning, groundstones, grinding stones, flint, chipped stone