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‘Atiqot 108 (2022) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 108
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Late Chalcolithic and Early Bronze Age IA Settlement Remains at Kafr Kanna, Lower Galilee (pp. 1–45)

    Edwin C.M. van den Brink, Valentine Roux, Anastasia Shapiro and Maayan Shemer
    Keywords: Galilee, Gray Burnished Ware, chaîne opératoire, petrography
  • Early Bronze Age Remains in the Southern Part of Tel Bet Yeraḥ (pp. 47–84)

    Amir Golani
    Keywords: Sea of Galilee, mud brick, zoomorphic figurine, Khirbat Kerak Ware
    • A Ceramic Zoomorphic Figurine from Tel Bet Yeraḥ (85–88)
      Nadeshda B. Knudsen
      Keywords: Sea of Galilee, art, cult
    • The Flint Assemblage from Tel Bet Yeraḥ (pp. 89–95)
      Maayan Shemer
      Keywords: Sea of Galilee, lithics, technology, local industry
    • The Ground Stone Tools from Tel Bet Yeraḥ (pp. 97–102)
      Gil Haklay and Ianir Milevski
      Keywords: Sea of Galilee, groundstone, lithics, industry
    • The Fauna from Tel Bet Yeraḥ (pp. 103–105)
      Miriam Pines
      Keywords: Sea of Galilee, animal
    • The Mollusks from Tel Bet Yeraḥ (pp. 107–111)
      Inbar Ktalav
      Keywords: Sea of Galilee, marine shells, trade, Egypt
  • Early Bronze Age IA Settlement Remains at Ḥorbat Ḥammim (South), near Modi‘in (pp. 113–143)
    Edwin C.M. van den Brink, Liora K. Horwitz, Ofer Marder and Henk K. Mienis
    Keywords: Shephelah, fauna, dog skeletons, flint-knapping post, Nilotic shell, Egypt
  • Early Bronze Age Remains at Tel Lod (pp. 145–207)
    Amir Golani
    Keywords: Metallic Ware and Egyptian vessels, radiocarbon, cereal, olive stone, fauna, economy, lithics
    • The Flint Assemblage from Tel Lod (pp. 209–224)
      Polina Spivak
      Keywords: trade, imports, workshops, agriculture, industry
    • Early Bronze Age Fauna from Tel Lod (pp. 225–247)
      Edward F. Maher
      Keywords: animal exploitation, herd, Egypt, economy
  • Remains of a Rural Settlement from the Late Hellenistic–Early Roman Periods and a Hiding Complex from the Roman Period at Ḥorbat Mazruq near Abu Ghosh (with a contribution by Donald T. Ariel) (pp. 249–295)
    Daniel Ein-Mor
    Keywords: Hellenistic, Hasmonean, Roman period, numismatics, burial
  • Remains of Buildings and Installations from the Late Abbasid–Fatimid and Mamluk Periods in Ramla (pp. 297–332)
    Ron Toueg and Hagit Torgë
    Keywords: Early Islamic period, city plan, urban, economy, ethnicity, shabti figurine, fauna
    • Pottery and Stone Objects from the Abbasid–Fatimid Periods at Ramla (pp. 333–379)
      Hagit Torgë
      Keywords: Early Islamic period, zoomorphic vessels, prestige items, imports, Egypt, China
    • Provenance Study of a Double-Stamped Jar Handle of the Early Islamic Period from Ramla (pp. 381–382)
      Nitzan Amitai-Preiss and Anat Cohen-Weinberger
      Keywords: pottery workshop
    • Early Islamic-Period Glass Finds from Ramla (pp. 383–412)
      Tamar Winter
      Keywords: technology, industry, vessel-blowing workshop
    • Early Islamic-Period Metal Artifacts from Ramla (pp. 413–422)
      Ayala Lester
      Keywords: techniques, industry, metallurgy, metalworking
    • The Coins from Ramla (pp. 423–428)
      Robert Kool
      Keywords: Early Islamic period, numismatics
    • The Faunal Remains from Ramla (pp. 429–443)
      Dana Shtainberg Finali and Ram Bouchnick
      Keywords: Early Islamic period, cut marks, meat consumption, slaughtering, economy
  • A Mamluk-Period Mausoleum near the ‘Sleepy Spring’ at Safed (Ẓefat) (pp. 445–484)
    Hervé Barbé
    Keywords: Galilee, burial, imports, faience, porcelain vessels, tobacco pipes, nargilehs, Marseilles roof tiles
    • The Glass Finds from the ‘Sleepy Spring’ at Safed (Ẓefat) (pp. 485–494)
      Natalya Katsnelson
      Keywords: industry, trade, Ottoman Empire, jewelry
    • The Coins from the ‘Sleepy Spring’ at Safed (Ẓefat) (pp. 495–496)
      Robert Kool
      Keywords: numismatics