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‘Atiqot 68 (2011) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 68
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Settlement Remains from the Chalcolithic Period and Middle Bronze Age II at Nahal Guvrin (Hebrew, pp. 1*–32*; English summary, pp. 245–246)
    Pirhiya Nahshoni
    Keywords: Shephelah, Negev, cultivation, crucibles, flint
    • The Flint Assemblage from Nahal Guvrin (Hebrew, pp. 33*–36*; English summary, p. 247) 
      Hamoudi Khalaily
      Keywords: Shephelah, Negev, flint industry, flake production
  • A Rock-Cut Burial Cave from the Early, Intermediate and Late Bronze Ages near Horbat Zelef (pp. 1–46)
    Karen Covello-Paran
    Keywords: Galilee, cemetery, burial goods, burial practices
    • Scarabs from a Burial Cave near Horbat Zelef (pp. 47–57) 
      Othmar Keel and Stefan Münger
      Keywords: scarab design, Egypt, Chronology, art, engravings, hieroglyphics
    • Provenance of the Early Bronze Age III Khirbet Kerak Ware and Intermediate Bronze Age Vessels from a Burial Cave near Horbat Zelef (pp. 59–63)
      Anat Cohen-Weinberger
      Keywords: petrography, ceramics, distribution, trade patterns, geology
    • Human Skeletal Remains from a Burial Cave near Horbat Zelef: A Paleodemographic Study (pp. 65–67)
      Yossi Nagar
      Keywords: anthropology, life expectancy, death pattern, demography
  • A Built Tomb from the Middle Bronze Age IIA and Other Finds at Tel Burga in the Sharon Plain (with a contribution by Daphna Ben-Tor) (pp. 69–98) 
    Amir Golani
    Keywords: cemetery, burial practices
    • A Provenance Study of Two Tell el-Yahudiyeh Vessels and Other Middle Bronze Age IIA Pottery Types from Tel Burga (pp. 99–105)
      Anat Cohen-Weinberger
      Keywords: petrography, geology, Neutron Activation Analysis, production center
  • Temple Furniture from a Favissa at ‘En Hazeva (pp. 107–175)
    Sara Ben-Arieh
    Keywords: religion, Judea, Edom, art, epigraphy, cult
    • The Cultic Assemblage from ‘En Hazeva: The Restoration Process (pp. 177–183)
      Michal Ben-Gal
      Keywords: pottery, cult, technology
    • Provenance of the Clay Artifacts from the Favissa at ‘En Hazeva (pp. 185–189)
      Anat Cohen-Weinberger
      Keywords: petrography, geology, production center
    • The Inscription from ‘En Hazeva (p. 191)
      Joseph Naveh
      Keywords: epigraphy, Edom, Moab, Hebrew, language
  • The Umayyad Aqueduct to Ramla and Other Finds near Kibbutz Na‘an (pp. 193–219) 
    Amir Gorzalczany
    Keywords: Shephelah, water supply system, White Mosque, Early Islamic period, installation, tomb
    • Petrographic Examination of Plaster from the Umayyad Aqueduct to Ramla (pp. 221–225)
      Alexander Tsatskin
      Keywords: petrography, hydraulic plaster, travertine, technology, water supply system
  • A Decorated Bronze Platter from Kafr Misr (pp. 227–241)
    Sara Lutan-Hassner
    Keywords: art history, Galilee, Christianity, Islamic period