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‘Atiqot 64 (2010) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 64
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • The Cross-Israel Highway and Archaeological Research  (pp. 1–2)
    Reuven Levon
    Keywords: Cross-Israel Highway Company, project, road construction
  • Archaeological Surveys and Excavations along the Cross-Israel Highway: An Introduction  (pp. 3–4)
    Eli Yannai
    Keywords: survey, documentation, project planning
  • Archaeological Surveys and Excavations along the Cross-Israel Highway: A Case Study for Data Collection from the Field  (Hebrew, pp. 3*–61*; English summary, pp. 153–155)
    Yehuda Dagan
    Keywords: survey methods, geographical regions, settlement dispersion
  • Prehistoric Investigations along the Cross-Israel Highway: State of Research  (pp. 5–23)
    hamoudi Khalaily and Ofer Marder
    Keywords: prehistory, burial sites, prehistoric settlements, prehistoric caves
  • Remains from the Late Prehistoric to Early Islamic Periods at the Foot of Tel Malot (East)  (pp. 25–77)
    Giora Parnos, Ianir Milevski and Hamoudi Khalaily
    Keywords: pottery kiln, winepress, hinterland, graves, pits
    • Petrographic Results of Middle Bronze Age Pottery from a Kiln at Tel Malot (East)  (pp. 79–81)
      Anat Cohen-Weinberger
      Keywords: pottery kiln, geology, soil groups
    • Faunal Remains from Tel Malot (East)  (pp. 83–84)
      Ron Kehati
      Keywords: animal bones, husbandry
  • An Early Bronze Age Tomb of the ‘Common People’(?) in the ‘En Esur (‘Ein Asawir) Cemetery  (pp. 85–112)
    Amir Gorzalczany and Jacob Sharvit
    Keywords: cemetery, burial goods, social status, commerce
    • Petrographic Analysis of Pottery from the Early Bronze Age Tomb 80 in the ‘En Esur Cemetery  (pp. 113–114)
      Anat Cohen-Weinberger
      Keywords: samples, local, marl
    • The Beads from Tomb 80 in the ‘En Esur Cemetery  (pp. 115–119)
      Amir Golani
      Keywords: jewelry, burial goods
    • Human Skeletal Remains from Tomb 80 in the ‘En Esur Cemetery  (pp. 121–124)
      Yossi Nagar
      Keywords: life expectancy, population, socio-economic staus
  • Horbat Nazur: Settlement Remains from the Iron Age through the Hellenistic Period and an Industrial Area from the Byzantine Period (with contributions by Roni Tuag and Varda Sussman)  (Hebrew, pp. 63*–97*; English summary, pp. 156–159) 
    Eli Yannai
    Keywords: building, quarry, winepress, hinterland
    • Two Stamped Amphora Handles from Horbat Nazur  (pp. 125–126)
      Donald T. Ariel
      Keywords: Rhodes, reading conventions, eponym
    • Glass Vessels from the Byzantine Period at Horbat Nazur  (Hebrew, pp. 99*–104*; English summary, p. 160)
      Tamar Winter
      Keywords: mold blown, decorations, cylindrical jug, burial offerings
    • The Coins from Horbat Nazur  (pp. 127–131)
      Gabriela Bijovsky
      Keywords: Akko-Ptolemais mint, Antiochus IV, Seleucid period
  • Baqa el-Gharbiya Area: A Roman-Period Cemetery and Other Finds (with contributions by Peter Gendelman, Donald T. Ariel and Hamoudi Khalaily)  (Hebrew, pp. 105*–136*; English summary, pp. 161–162)
    Amir Gorzalczany
    Keywords: burial, Essenes, Nabbatean, cemetery
    • Baqa el-Gharbiya Area: The Glass Vessels from Horbat Kosit (East)  (pp. 133–142)
      Natalya Katsnelson
      Keywords: glass production, domestic vessels, glass distribution, Nahal Hadera area
    • Baqa el-Gharbiya Area: The Glass Vessels from Nahal Hadera (North)  (pp. 143–152)
      Natalya Katsnelson
      Keywords: burial offerings, mold blown, local production, polygonal juglet