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‘Atiqot 61 (2009) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 61
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • Late Chalcolithic Burial Remains and Early Bronze Age I Dwelling Remains from a Karstic Cave at Shoham (Northeast) (with contributions by Yossi Nagar and Nili Liphschitz)  (pp. 1–18)
    Edwin C.M. van den Brink
    Keywords: burial, ceramic ossuaries, punctured decoration, Byzantine winepress
  • Results of a Salvage Excavation at Kabri  (pp. 19–39)
    Dina Shalem
    Keywords: fortifications, settlement, figurine
  • A Sounding near the Summit of Gush Halav  (pp. 41–50)
    Samuel R. Wolff
    Keywords: Middle Ages, Jewish settlement, synagogue
  • Excavations at Or ‘Aqiva (North) (with contributions by Moshe Sade and Dror Segal and Israel Carmi)  (pp. 51–73)
    Eli Yannai
    Keywords: Sharon plain, agriculture, saqiya vessels, radiocarbon dates
    • The Coins from Or ‘Aqiva (North)  (pp. 75–79)
      Gabriela Bijovsky
      Keywords: numismatics, imitations, autonomous coins, Side
  • Byzantine-Period Coins from the Sea at Dor  (pp. 81–94)
    Danny Syon and Ehud Galili
    Keywords: numismatics, merchant ship, countermarks
  • Tel ‘Afar: A Byzantine Site South of Caesarea  (pp. 95–118)
    Martin Peilstöcker
    Keywords: Caesarea hinterland, cross stamps, saqiya vessels
    • The Coins from Tel ‘Afar  (pp. 119–122)
      Gabriela Bijovsky
      Keywords: numismatics, Caesarea, Crusader coin
  • The Ancient Cemetery at Migdal Ha‘Emeq (el-Mujeidil) (Hebrew, pp. 1*–47*; English summary, pp. 131–132)
    Ayelet Tatcher and Zvi Gal
    Keywords: Jewish cemetery, burial gifts, glass finds, jewelry, coins, winepress
    • Two Horn-Shaped Glass Vessels from the Ancient Cemetery at Migdal Ha-‘Emeq  (pp. 123–126)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: Roman period, early Byzantine period, glass production, Syro-Palestinian workshops
  • Or ‘Aqivq: Remains of a Farming Complex and Irrigation System from the End of the Byzantine–Beginning of the Early Islamic Periods in the Agricultural Hinterland of Caesarea (Hebrew, pp. 49*–60*; English summary, pp. 133–134)
    Uzi ‘Ad
    Keywords: agriculture, water supply, irrigation
  • Tombs, Quarries and Agricultural Installations at Fardisya (East)  (Hebrew, pp. 61*–74*; English summary, pp. 135–137)
    Boaz Zissu, Haim Moyal and Amir Ganor
    Keywords: agriculture, cemetery, industry, games
    • Glass Artifacts from Tomb 7 at Fardisya (East)  (Hebrew, pp. 75*–82*; English summary, p. 138)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: western Samaria, burial gifts, local workshops
  • An Early Islamic Site and a Late Islamic Cemetery in Arab Kefar Sava  (Hebrew, pp. 83*–96*; English Summary, pp. 139–140)
    Amir Gorzalczany
    Keywords: cemetery, burial customs, pottery manufacture
    • The Glass Finds from Arab Kefar Sava  (pp. 127–130)
      Natalya Katsnelson
      Keywords: Sharon plain, glass workshop, burial gifts