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‘Atiqot 65 (2011) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 65
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • A Middle Bronze Age IIB Site in the Kidron Valley, Jerusalem  (Hebrew, pp. 1–18; English summary, p. 63*)
    Ofer Sion and Zvi Greenhut
    Keywords: Jerusalem, agriculture, hinterland, farmstead
  • Tombs from the Middle Bronze Age I until the Iron Age at Tel Malot (with a contribution by Othmar Keel)  (Hebrew, pp. 19–39; English summary, p. 64*)
    Sigal Golan
    Keywords: cemetery, pit graves, burial offerings
  • Iron Age Tombs North of Tel Malot  (Hebrew, pp. 41–46; English summary, p. 65*)
    Oren Shmueli
    Keywords: cemetery, pit graves, burial offerings
  • A Cairn Field on the Northern Periphery of Jerusalem  (pp 1*–23*)
    Yehudah Rapuano and Alexander Onn
    Keywords: Jerusalem, cairns, Iron Age, cult
  • An Early Iron Age Cist Grave at Kibbutz Ha-Zore‘a  (Hebrew, pp. 47–51; English summary, p. 66*)
    Eli Yannai
    Keywords: cist grave, cemetery
  • Rosh Ha-‘Ayin, Mizpe Afeq: Remains of an Agricultural Settlement from the Iron Age to the Hellenistic Period (with a contribution by Gabriela Bijovsky)  (Hebrew, pp. 53–63; English summary, p. 67*)
    Elie Haddad
    Keywords: agriculture, installations, amulet
    • A Faience Amulet from Rosh Ha-‘Ayin, Mizpe Afeq  (pp. 25*–26*)
      Naomi Sidi
      Keywords: Egypt, amulet, God
  • A Roman-Period Burial Cave on Ha-Horesh Street, Qiryat Tiv‘on  (pp. 27*–61*)
    Fanny Vitto
    Keywords: Galilee, burial, ossuaries, coffins
  • A Burial Cave from the Early Roman Period on Diskin Street, Jerusalem (with a contribution by Ronny Reich) (Hebrew, pp. 93–103; English summary, pp. 71*–72*)
    Gideon Solimany, Rafeh Abu Raya and Ronny Reich
    Keywords: cemetery, kokhim, ossuaries, inscriptions
  • Horbat Siv: Quarries, Burial Caves, Kilns, Agricultural Installations, Roads and a Columbarium (with a contribution by Yossi Nagar)  (Hebrew, pp. 65–87; English summary, pp. 68*–69*)
    Kareem Sa‘id and Uzi ‘Ad
    Keywords: agriculture, burial, quarry, winepress, oil press
    • The Complex Winepress at Horbat Siv: Analysis and Interpretation  (Hebrew, pp. 89–92; English summary, p. 70*)
      Yehoshua Dray
      Keywords: Sharon plain, wine, agriculture, technology
  • The Fortification System in the Northwestern Part of Jerusalem from the Early Islamic Period to the Ottoman Period  (Hebrew, pp. 105–130; English summary, pp. 73*–75*)
    Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah
    Keywords: fortifications, city wall, towers, medieval Jerusalem
  • A Cargo of Lead Ingots from an Eleventh–Thirteenth-Centuries CE Shipwreck off the Ashqelon Coast  (Hebrew, pp. 131–137; English summary, p. 76*)
    Ehud Galili and Baruch Rosen
    Keywords: lead ingots, transportation, shipping, commerce
  • A Sugar Industry Site from the Fatimid to the Ottoman Periods at Tell Umm al-Faraj, Western Galilee  (Hebrew, pp. 139–159; English summary, p. 77*)
    Emmanuel Damati
    Keywords: sugar industry, pottery workshop, ‘Akko Valley