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‘Atiqot 70 (2012) EISSN 2948-040X
  • Front Matter
    Atiqot 70
    Keywords: Front Matter
  • A Burial Cave from Iron Age II and the Early Roman Period North of Tel Hadid (with a contribution by Yossi Nagar) (Hebrew, pp. 1–20; English summary, p. 79*)
    Eli Yannai
    Keywords: burial, grave goods, chronology, anthropology
  • Horbat Burin (East): Remains of Buildings and a Pottery Kiln from the Persian to the Beginning of the Early Islamic Periods (with contributions by Yael Gorin-Rosen and Helena Sokolov) (Hebrew, pp. 21–31; English summary, pp. 80*–81*) 
    Uzi ‘Ad
    Keywords: industry, pottery production
    • Pottery from the Persian and Hellenistic Periods at Horbat Burin (East) (Hebrew, pp. 33–38; English summary, p. 82*)
      Hagit Torge
      Keywords: ceramics, typology, chronology
  • The Aqueducts of Nahal Bet Ha-‘Emeq (pp. 1*–19*)
    Rafael Frankel
    Keywords: Galilee, water systems, agriculture, technology, daggers, industry, burial
  • Three Military Bread Stamps from the Western Wall Plaza Excavations, Jerusalem (pp. 21*–31*)
    Leah Di Segni and Shlomit Weksler-Bdolah
    Keywords: Aelia Capitolina, epigraphy, inscriptions, Roman period
  • A Settlement from the Roman Period at Horbat Kamon (Hebrew, pp. 39–49; English summary, p. 83*)
    Moshe Hartal
    Keywords: Galilee, Golan, farmhouse, earthquake, ethnicity, agriculture
  • The Lever Presses of Eretz Israel in the Light of the Alone Abba Oil Press (with contributions by Shulamit Hadad, Gerald Finkielsztejn and Danny Syon) (Hebrew, pp. 51–81; English summary, pp. 84*–86*)
    Leea Porat, Rafael Frankel and Nimrod Getzov
    Keywords: Galilee, oil production, ethnicity, lever press, screw press, Talmud, historical sources, winepress typology, numismatics
    • A Stone Seal from the Alone Abba Oil Press (Hebrew, pp. 83–85; English summary, p. 87)
      David Amit
      Keywords: Galilee, oil production, art, glyptics, ethnicity
  • Ashqelon (al-Nabi Hussein): Evidence for the Burial of Jews, Christians and Pagans in a Late Roman-Period Burial Ground (Hebrew, pp. 87–111; English summary, p. 88*) 
    Shlomo Kol-Ya’akov and Yoav Farhi
    Keywords: burial, grave goods, ethnicity, installations, numismatics, anthropology
  • The Industrial Area of Horbat Biz‘a in the Roman and Byzantine Periods (with a contribution by Donald T. Ariel) (Hebrew, pp. 113–122; English summary, p. 89*)
    Uzi ‘Ad
    Keywords: industry, glass production, numismatics, pottery
    • The Pottery from Horbat Biz‘a (pp. 33*–47*)
      Peter Gendelman
      Keywords: ceramics, typology, oil lamps, clay discs, Horse-and-Rider figurine
    • Remains of a Glass Industry and Glass Finds from Horbat Biz‘a (pp. 49*–62*)
      Yael Gorin-Rosen
      Keywords: glass production, furnaces, distribution
  • Agricultural and Industrial Installations and Burial Caves from the Roman and Byzantine Periods at Zur Yig’al (Hebrew, pp. 123–144; English summary, pp. 90*–91*)
    Etan Ayalon
    Keywords: agriculture, hinterland, burial, charcoal installations, industry, viticulture
  • An Umayyad-Period Aqueduct for the Irrigation of Farmland South of Ramla (Hebrew, pp. 145–152; English summary, pp. 92*–93*)
    Oren Shmueli
    Keywords: water system, Early Islamic period, agriculture, technology
  • Mi‘ilya: Evidence of an Early Crusader Settlement (pp. 63*–76*)
    Edna J. Stern
    Keywords: western Galilee, Frankish rural settlement, Acre (Akko)